Tree Hugging

Day 46. Monday 3 October.

The obvious question: why put yourself through this? Over the next four days we have three trips planned that involve heights – suspension bridges, cliff walkways, tree top walks gondolas, skyways – and that doesn’t include the flight home! The first of these was completed today – the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park that incorporates three of these tortures: suspension bridge, tree boardwalk and cliff walk. T ventured into many viewing positions that D refused to: one couple offered to take a photo of the two of us on an overhang, but D politely refused. They were amused.


img_5845  img_5847

But, putting aside the hordes of other selfie -snapping tourists, it was a lovely experience. Again, the public transport system made it easy to get to and from – we even adjusted our plans while there, courtesy of the free wifi.




We now have 3 major firs sorted: the Western Red Cedar, the hemlock and the daddy of them all, the Douglas fir, which goes hundreds of feet skyward, without a branch, then has a topknot canopy. Lots of water needed.







Fish for tea – fresh Icelandic Cod at $25 per pound. Our maths was woefully inadequate – we assumed that this equated to $ 11.34 per kilo (that is, 1 pound = 2.2 kg), but in fact it was $ 55 per kilo (that is, in fact, that 1 pound = 0.45 kg). Ouch! And it was the cheapest fish in the Ambleside Fish Market!!!!!!!!! We bypassed the wild salmon and the yellowfin from Hawaii. We must enjoy this.





And remember:

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