Day 5. Friday 10 November.

Brilliant sunshine on a cold morning, but the lake-mountain views were marvellous. Where shall we go today? Mt Cook, only 90 kms of driving to tickle the battery, with lakes and mountains the whole way. A brief stop 10 km from Twizel to take in the view and get the hot smoked salmon for tonight’s pasta. Plenty of tourists (lots of Japanese groups who seem obsessed with selfies and photos of ‘here I am with the mountain/lake behind’.)

IMG_0117   IMG_0118

Passed 2 helicopter–flights points and T didn’t ask for a stop (yet). With such perfect flying conditions she must be saving up for something really special.

After excellent coffee at Old Mountaineers café (we qualified for half of that title) we learned that there is a campground so decided to investigate. Yes, there are lots of day-trippers but we were advised that it quietens down at the end of the day.

IMG_0127  IMG_0135

IMG_0133  IMG_0136

It’s now evening and we’ve earned the salmon pasta after a 3+ hour walk along the Hooker Valley towards Lake Hooker at the foot of Mt Cook. It was reminiscent of Alaska/Canada terrain, with fast glacial streams and snowy peaks. For T the highlight was probably the Mt Cook buttercup.

Upon return to our campsite (nicely levelled with rocks under the wheels, as ramps aren’t included in the kit) it was time to share a wine with Beau and Bonny, American neighbours from South Carolina.







6 thoughts on “Day 5. Friday 10 November.

    • Thank you – wonderful photos – NZ looking its very best. The van looks very comfortable and presumably contains a red wine cellar for ‘on the move’. We really enjoyed the Hooker’s Hut walk – fabulous – and so good to see the photos of the buttercups! Keep posting, we love it. x h and k

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      • Thanks H&K – and for your previous responses. Have not been able to get to them at the time due to issues of internet access -0 and cost. But we have appreciated the contact.


  1. Great photos and commentary. As I’ve commented before it takes me back to my experiences. Love the South Island. The glow worm adventure sounds grand. Haven’t done that before! Happy travels with no more insect bites I hope. Pxx


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