Day 30. 17 September.

Rest day in Banff. Breakfast at a bakery in town as a special treat – the worst meal we’ve had in memory, with grubby cutlery to rub it in! The saving grace was high speed, powerful internet, so we were able to catch up.



An interminable wait for a free public bus to Sulphur Mountain to catch the gondola up the mountain. So long was the wait, in fact, that our tickets had time expired, but the driver waved us on. We came back to town on the equally free Brewster commercial bus.



The views were terrific and gave a better perspective of the Rockies, and the insignificance of man – the city of Banff snuggled in as a small blot, surrounded by sheer grey quartz peaks. The weather remained kind, although pretty cold in the wind – not surprising for the top of a mountain at 8000 mts as winter approaches.img_5561   img_5566

img_5590Drifted around Banff through a grey afternoon, with a cup of lapsang souchong at an appropriately named tea shop, visited the Whyte Museum which was bequeathed by an artist couple who lived in and loved the mountains. Small, but comprehensive and informative. Aussie accents everywhere – quite a few tourists, but lots also behind counters and bars. Signs everywhere looking for staff, probably reflecting the start of the ski season soon.

A few Canadian beers before dinner to get onto Facetime for an important birthday catchup (early) then a group dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. D’s ribs were lovely if a little sweet, T wondered where the clams were (maybe powdered clam sauce?) – still nothing beats home cooking!

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