This One was a Windy Road

Day 25. Monday 12 September.



A reasonable drive ahead, so a detour to visit Bennetts Dam on the Lynx River – the largest body of freshwater in BC, held back by a packed earth dam wall. A (drip) coffee in the small café, that seemed to cater for the workers, who self served huge servings of Shepherds Pie.

What’s for dinner, T?


Then on to Hudsons Hope, a centre for the workforce supporting BC Hydro, as well as coal mining. Hydro is proposing to flood the adjacent valley – the one we drive through yesterday, to produce more power. The locals, unsurprising, are opposed, not least because they believe that the extra power is not required, as Hydro sell 25% of the power they currently generate to California. It has caused some friction: the woman who looked after the museum we visited is opposed: her partner works for Hydro and supports the protest! The museum itself is obviously a work of love and although small and simple, tells a good story of the area and how it was developed.




Next door was a church shared by a number of denominations: common sense demonstrated. Perhaps a thought for SWUC?



Having seen signs pointing to the Saltau First Nation Reserve, we dropped by, to find that there was nothing there for curious tourists: just a community getting on with its life. Although basic buildings (apart from the Community Centre), the reserve was neat and tidy. A lady enjoying her break outside the Centre was happy to explain the situation to us.




On to Chetwynd, a larger town/city. This provided T with the opportunity to browse an Op Shop – just like home! The upside was that we were able to pick up a second hand, washed quilt, that was perfect that night – warm and cosy. In 2015 the town  had a chain saw sculpture carving competition – an example shown.

This one is called ‘The space between heaven and hell.



The drive to our free campsite on Tudjah Lake was slow due to the high cross/head wind. These motorhomes are not aerodynamic and get buffeted each and every way in even slight winds. We were warned not to wander at night – the bears are about!


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